AIWIS Review 2.0

AIWIS Review 2.0: More Information about the Full-time Assistant for Your Website!

What is one thing that a person hears the most in a lifespan? Simple answer, his or her name. Designating someone with his name is a great technique for improving internal relationship. It is also an ancient way for developing relationship. Imagine that you’ve received an email with a promotional link. When you visit the website, the first thing you see is a greeting with your name.

Can you ignore the attachment with the website at all? Absolutely not. And, this is what Advanced Artificial Intelligence Website Interaction System (AIWIS) is offering its user’s. Today, we are going to dissect the actual advantages, disadvantages and features of AIWIS.


What is AIWIS?

Well, the AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which is a new area of technology. The sci-fi world of creating machines with intelligence is no more fantasy, but a real fact. The WIS or website recognition system is a way to respond or greet the visitors. Remember that this is not a software or tool for installation or downloading. Actually, it is a preprogrammed bunch of codes developed by Craig Crawford.

For your easiness in understanding, AIWIS is a virtual format of responder who acts like a human responder to a website visitor. Whenever someone visits your sales page or promotional page, a humanly greetings from the AI will be appear. The AI navigates the visitor in the whole tour. Suppose, you are using AIWIS for a blogging site. If a reader enters using your given link, the system will greet with the reader’s name and show the best content list according to his taste. Now, you may ask the source of his taste’s information. Simple! Facebook. Interested or surprised? More are waiting for you in the next segment of this AIWIS review.

 Who Needs AIWIS?

Every website owner must equip the site with this plugin.

  • Bloggers: If you are blogger, you may want to invite more people on your site and show the best ones to them. Leave the responsibility to AIWIS 2.0. It will lead your visitor and give them a nice friendly tour just like you.
  • Marketers: Start using AIWIS on your promotional page. When a buyer comes to buy product, the first thing he experiences is a warm welcome with his name. A secret bonding will automatically be created. The next sales task becomes easier for you.
  • Influencers: If motivating people is your job, invite them to your personal site through email. The next impression of the visitor will be “WOW!” Surprise them by showing the events you want them to attend using the AIWIS.
  • Ecommerce Business: Sometimes, people cannot respond properly in ecommerce sites. From the recent AIWIS review, it is proved that the system works better than human customer supports.

Along with these users, anyone who owns a website, should use the system for making the visit memorable to the subscribers.

Features: What Makes It Outstanding?

For your information, AIWIS is the first of its kind. That also means, we are the ones who are watching the AI revolution in internet marketing. Now, let’s see some of the best features of the website interaction system.

  1. Language Skill: It not only uses more than 25 languages, but also uses more than 45 accents. No matter which region of the world the visitor belongs to, he or she is going to have a familiar greeting.
  2. Support: When you hire a virtual assistant or remote worker for website maintenance and customer support, it works maximum 12/7. But the AIWIS 2.0 works nonstop 24/7. No holiday or no day off. Also, monthly one-time payment allows the user to spend less.
  3. Unisex UI: Depending on the user preference, you will get chance to set either male or female interface.
  4. Mobile Accessibility: It works in smaller screens too. The overall impression, voice quality and appearance remain the same. The visitor gets equally warm welcome while visiting sites from mobile phones.
  5. Voice Variation: It’s all about attraction. So, if you prefer using a child or a teenage voice, the option is available for you. Set any preferred voice and surprise your reader with it. Both the male and female voices have attractive interaction.
  6. Customizable Appearance: The AIWIS is an advanced responding tool. You don’t have to stick with the default appearance. Simply change the font color, bar color and every other thing according to your website environment.
  7. Database Creation: Leave the control of your visitors to AIWIS 2.0. It will ask predefined questions and store them in database. You will be able to use the information in the future for sending promotional tips, links and coupons. It stores all the info including IP address, face, place, pages, etc.
  8. Quiet: Remember that not all the visitors will like a guide. And, keeping this in mind, the developers have added an instant quieting system with the Advanced Artificial Intelligence Website Interaction System.
  9. No Repeat: The system does not repeat the same thing to a particular visitor. If the visitor misses something while the first entry, the AIWIS is going to pass that info on the second visit for sure.
  10. Artificial Seller: The AI sells for you! The owner does not have to stay active all the time to sell product to customers. Set your programs. The system will find out the taste that visitor may prefer from the FB pages. Then, it will show those particular items. It is a great tool for ecommerce business.

Pros: Overall Advantages of Having this Wonderful System on Your Website


  1. Increases the engagement of your subscriber
  2. Increases the traffic, leads and sales in an incredible rate
  3. Enhances the site decoration
  4. Saves your time for site and visitor maintenance
  5. Price is unbelievably low.
  6. 24/7 Service. The users from anywhere in the world gets equal priority
  7. Sells or takes full control when you are not around. It is more like the auto-pilot mode.
  8. Easiest operating system in the technology

Cons: Is There Any Reason to Avoid It?

Absolutely not. There is no glitch, no system failure. One minor thing may occur. Your website may become sluggish. To get rid of this problem, it is better to improve the site hosting.

Final Verdict: Should You Purchase It?

Only if you want to increase your business. There is no better option of communicating with the customer more naturally than the AIWIS 2.0. It connects with millions at the same time. Such activity is not possible from humans. When people get engaged with your site, there will be very minimum requirement of spending on advertisements. So, equip the system and give your website a lively look. Enjoy!